Children’s Dentistry Treatments in Richmond

Stay ahead of their oral care

Over a number of months our practice has been developing an amazing program for children to receive dental care with us. The reason we have spent a lot of time working on this is because of our ethos; we believe in prevention. We don’t want children upset or in pain, especially when it can be easily prevented. That’s why we have not only focused on treating children but also on educating them.

Our hygienist Dawn has been into schools around Richmond and has provided free oral hygiene sessions to the children.

She has laid a great foundation for good oral hygiene habits and knowledge about healthy eating, at the same time making it fun.

But there is still more to be done. In order to maintain these great skills and to help create happy healthy mouths, we need to reinforce the information. That is why we have created our ‘Stay Ahead’ sessions.

Stay ahead sessions

Keeping a healthy mouth

In this 30 min appointment we will go through everything your child and you need to know about keeping a healthy mouth. We will use a special dye to show your child what plaque looks like and where it is in their mouths and where they are missing when brushing. We will show them the correct technique and time they need for brushing their teeth.

We will give advice on the correct toothpaste for their age, a toothbrush, the correct mouth rinse. We will go through a diet plan and show you what’s great and what may need improving. Any questions you or your child has will be answered. We will also create a chart of how clean their mouths are now and see if we can get some improvement in a few months.

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