What is it?

Clients with a vast array of complex oral problems may need multiple crowns, veneers and implants. In particularly complex cases I am able to work alongside surgeons and other professionals to rebuild a full set of beautiful looking teeth, that you will comfortably eat on for many years.

Why is it done?

This treatment completely restores the mouth to being problem free. It is amazing what a difference dental reconstruction can make to your appearance and self confidence. Just look at some of our before and after pictures and hear from our clients about their smile makeovers by clicking here.

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Losing teeth can be devastating and can be due to various reasons. The most commonly seen situations are teeth lost due to gum disease, accidents, acid erosion, teeth grinding and/or clenching (bruxism), excessive decay, severe illness, jaw problems and other problems related to the mouth. The procedure of completely rebuilding or reconstructing teeth has become quite common these days with new technology and easier strategies being employed to bring out the best results.

Dr Hap Gill has over 20 years of experience in this field, so Smilestudio is the place to approach if you are one of those worried individuals who require advanced dental reconstruction. Guaranteeing a complete makeover with regard to your dental problems, we also assure enhancement in the confidence level of each of our patients. We at Smilestudio will undertake all preliminary examinations and provide individually tailored treatment procedures to restore your health, the ability to eat with total confidence and a naturally beautiful smile.

Advanced dental reconstruction requires teeth to be present both in the upper and the lower jaw. It is a complete transformation which can be very complex, hence only the most appropriately qualified and experienced dental surgeons can carry out this procedure. Advanced reconstructions are usually a team approach; specialists from various disciplines within dentistry such as periodontists (gum specialist) and orthodontists (teeth braces) are consulted to get the best advice, treatment and provide professional help. Dental reconstruction is not to be taken lightly since it can be a long term commitment; rest assured that the experienced staff at smilestudio take great pleasure in looking after you along the way and help you obtain an outstanding level of care and treatment. The process is a combination of various dental procedures such as orthodontics, tissue grafts that can be either of the soft tissue or bone, dental implants, crown lengthening, contouring of the gums, various periodontal treatment methods, and altering the tooth structure and other restoration procedures.

Smilestudio is not just a dental clinic; it is a place where patients are looked after with the utmost care and dedication. Having a wealth of expertise and experience, we promise to offer the best services when it comes to your dental treatment. A new lease of life can come your way with an advanced dental reconstruction if you are concerned about your diminished dental health.

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