What is it?

A customised smile made specifically for you. Communication from the patient is essential so that it is clear what is expected and what the smile will ultimately look like. Factors to take into account include the size, shape and position of teeth. Digital photography and wax blue prints will enable a preview of the smile before treatment starts.

Why is it done?

Cosmetically enhancing an entire smile will boost self esteem and self confidence. One of the easiest ways to a more youthful appearance.

More information

A priceless human emotion that transcends all barriers is a small curl of the lips, a smile! A smile is the most profound and impressive non-vocal expression that captures and enraptures many a heart. Having a great smile can boost ones self-esteem and self-confidence.

Smiling is synonymous with happiness. When a mother sees a smile on her child’s face it gives her an immense sense of fulfilment in her motherhood. A sense of bliss is aroused in a lover when his/her love is approved with a smile. An industry as big and glamorous as the fashion industry thrives on the smiles of catwalk models. The shutterbugs and paparazzi are always on the lookout for the people’s favourites wearing their perfect smiles.

So to bring about a perfect smile on the faces of people, Smile studio has come up with a one of a kind programme – Smile Design Dentistry. This feature can be utilised by people of all ages. It takes into consideration parameters like the size, shape and the position of teeth and also the facial features of the person to engineer a perfect beautiful smile. This requires proper communication between the patient and the dentist to bring about the best results. Smile studio possesses state of the art equipment that allows one to preview one’s engineered smile. The medium of display of this preview is compiled through digital photography and wax blue prints.

The need for this amazing new technology arises when one wishes to go through a transformation to enhance their appeal. This is the perfect solution to address the inadequacies one may feel about his/her smile.

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