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Dental Implants Richmond

For a better quality of life

Implants are a fixed solution for missing teeth. What this means is that your smile and eating ability is fully restored. Unlike dentures, they do not move when you chew, so you can enjoy foods such as a steak, or bite into an apple with complete confidence.

After many years of experience providing conventional dental implants in Richmond, he was one of the first dentists in the UK to acquire the

knowledge and skills in a new, more patient-friendly technique from Germany. Since then he has helped numerous people with the ‘Fast and Fixed’ same-day tooth replacement system.

Our team at The Richmond Dentist have the latest ground-breaking technology at the practice, which can give you a whole set of teeth within a day.

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Dental Implants – The Best Treatment for Missing Teeth

“Some people, through no fault of their own, have had a tormented dental history. It may be that they have had ongoing issues or have had a bad experience at the dentist, which has put them off going for years, resulting in serious dental disease,” says Dr Hap.

“These people don’t want to lose their teeth and they don’t want dentures, but up until recently they have been in limbo as there has not been a workable solution, but now, with Fast and Fixed, there is.”

Hap and his team at The Gill Clinic in Richmond have the latest ground-breaking technology at the practice, which can implant a whole set of teeth within a day.

“It has been generally thought necessary that when implants are used to restore a full jaw, that the surgery is staged, requiring many visits. Typically, separate appointments are needed for tooth extractions, bone grafts, implant placements, impression taking etc. Not with this remarkable technology, with ‘Fast and Fixed’ same day implant tooth replacement…you literally have your new teeth the same day.

Patients scheduled for ‘Fast and Fixed’ treatment are settled into their own room at The Gill Clinic; the whole practice is devoted to just them. No other patient is seen on the day. Generally, patients opt to be sedated so the procedure is anxiety free and absolutely painless.

With the patient completely relaxed the damaged and infected teeth are removed as gently as possible. The implant sites need to be free of germs so a laser is used to eradicate over 99 per cent of all dangerous bacteria, This allows implants to be placed immediately, usually six in the upper and four in the lower jaw.

Generally in less than three hours the surgery is complete – the patient has felt no pain and more or less dozed through all of it.

The new teeth are then custom-made by Mike Kerwick, the practice’s expert dental technician, while throughout the rest of the day, the patient relaxes in their room. By about 3pm the new teeth are ready and the happy patient can go home and enjoy their brand new smile!

Besides minor swelling and bruising similar to that from simple tooth extractions, Dr Hap’s patients recover quickly and with few problems. “With experience we have reduced the time it takes.

It is an extremely choreographed day, where each professional plays their part. We are very much ahead of the game in this – it is a multi-skilled procedure and we have all the right professionals on our team.”

The majority of Hap’s patients, who travel from far and wide for this specialized service, are what he calls ‘younger-older’ people – middle aged men and women who are fit and able – and who don’t want to lose their teeth.

“I think there is a big pool of people out there who are disheartened – through no fault of their own they are in danger of losing their teeth and they are not aware of what is available.

“Even if these patients had the very best dentures, the negative psychology of losing their teeth is pronounced, they feel they’ve lost some of their dignity.

“So when they leave the surgery with implants they have a totally different mentality, they feel their teeth are part of them – they are so positive.

“I want to finish by saying do not be disheartened by the state of your teeth, or lack of. It is not too late. I am sure that we will be able to help you. If you are interested in the massive increase in confidence that my implant treatment can give you then please give us a call on:  020 8948 1040”.

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