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Invisalign Instructions

The Gill Clinic has 4 golden rules for successful Invisalign treatment: Wear The Aligners – Keep Things Clean – Use Chewies – Monitor Your Progress


If you do not wear the aligners, this will prolong treatment, and increase the chance of additional aligners stages:
  1. Always start a new set of aligners before bedtime; brush and floss your teeth as normal and then put the aligners in.
  2. You will develop an efficient technique for taking them in and out; you will find that they go straight in, or may need to be inserted or removed on the left or rightside first. You will master this quickly, but please be aware that it can take a week or so for the alingers to bed in. Your tongue or cheeks may be sore; you can use wax, but this does settle.
  3. Wear the aligners 22 hours per day.
  4. If you lose or damage an aligner please contact us.
  5. Use the chewies as in the photo, in the morning and before bedtime ; any other time is a bonus. The purpose of the chewies is to ensure that the aligners fit correctly. They will not fit correctly if you do not use chewies, and, your teeth will not move as planned.

  1. Self-monitoring of your progress; please look at the following photos, contact us if your aligner is like the second image:


Please maintain an excellent standard of oral hygiene, and minimise sugary snacks between meals.
  1. When you clean your teeth, clean your aligners with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  2. We provide a sample of cleaning tablets, use them once or twice a week, additional tablets can be purchased online or at a Chemist.
  3. You can drink water with the aligners in, do not drink tea, coffee or red wine.


This is when the following tooth movements start: rotations, moving teeth up and down. Your aligners will feel far more tight.
  1. The technique for insertion and removal may be different, take care in the first few days because there is a chance that you can pull an attachment off. If this happens please contact us. Carry on wearing your aligner, do not move to the next one unless we say so.
  2. A reminder to use the chewies as indicated above.
  3. You may notice gaps between the teeth that may trap food, so maintain an excellent standard of oral hygiene. The gums can also be tender, but all of this settles very quickly.
  4. Change your aligners every 7 days. If they feel tight on that 7th day, then change every 10 days. In refinement stage change the aligners every 5 days; you may not notice much pressure on the teeth in this phase if treatment.

Reminder, these 4 golden rules are critical for success of treatment: WEAR THE ALIGNERS, USE CHEWIES, KEEP THINGS CLEAN, MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS