What is it?

The laser is waved above the tooth, and then you can listen to whether the tooth has a cavity; the HIGHER the TONE the deeper the new CAVITY. We also look at the reading…anything above 15 and it’s a cavity.

Why is it done?

Now we are able to identify cavities when they are in their earliest stages… when they are small, EASY to fix, and least expensive to fix as well. Well before a painful cavity develops. This is all part of the minimal invasive dentistry philosophy.

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How accurate is it?

The FDA has certified it as 100% accurate.

Why still use x-rays?

This device is more accurate than x-rays for finding this type of cavity…And the reason that we still take x-rays is that there are MANY other things we ARE able to find, which can NOT be diagnosed any other way… for example decay that occurs between teeth and infections that occur at the root tips, as well as on rare but extremely important cases of bone cancers.

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