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New Revolutionary Advancement In Dentistry – No More Loose Dentures. Richmond, Surrey – A new procedure that has just been released to the dental world allows people with dentures to have stronger teeth, a better bite, and more confidence that their teeth won’t move around or fall out at the wrong moments.

All of this can be done without any surgery in just 2 hours or less. This new procedure is called Mini Dental Implants. It makes it so the dentures actually “snap on” and stay in place when a person puts them in.

“The greatest thing about these new dentures is that it allows people who wear them to have more confidence and prevents the fear of their dentures pulling up when they chew, or falling out of place when talking with others. Plus this new procedure is faster, costs less than conventional and slower procedures, and requires no healing time.” said local dentist Dr. Hap Gill, who is trained and certified to provide this amazing technological advancement in dentistry.

“It’s really not too much more complicated than that. There’s no healing time! Which means that when a person walks out the door, they actually have a denture that stays in place, that won’t move around, pop up, rub, or fly out of their mouth, every time they sneeze or cough. There’s very little post-procedure pain, and the cost to the patient is much less when compared to conventional implants! It’s simply amazing!”

This new procedure is so revolutionary in dentistry; it will make the lives of people who wear and struggle with dentures on a daily basis, so much better, comfortable, and enjoyable. They will never have to worry about the embarrassment of their teeth getting stuck on food and almost popping out of their mouths when at dinner with the family or at a business luncheon. Dr. Hap Gill is one of the first doctors certified and trained to do this type of procedure in Richmond. He is available to answer your questions and help get the message out to your readers.

Dr. Gill makes for an informative and very interesting interview, and has very important information your readers need to be made aware of. If you’d like to interview Dr. Gill, please contact his assistant Deepti on 020 8948 1040 or email [email protected].