What is it?

A low or uneven gum line can be reshaped and corrected with the fine removal of gum around the neck of a tooth. Dramatic results reveal more teeth than gum resulting in an instant smile lift.

Why is it done?

Gum reshaping improves the appearance of teeth, gums and overall smile. Corrects small, crooked or misshapen teeth and creates an improved appearance of teeth and gums which will result in an overall beautiful and balanced smile.

More information

If you consider yourself a ‘gummy smile’ sufferer, do not hesitate to contact us at Smilestudio.

Unattractive smiles are a cause of worry for those with excessive gum tissue. Correcting such ‘gummy smiles’ is simple with smilestudio. Easy and painless corrections can be done efficiently with experienced professionals and technical expertise. Crown lengthening and sculpting of the soft gum tissues with the aid of special laser treatment is what we provide to you at smilestudio.

A well known fact is that gums drape the teeth of an individual and frames the tooth line. Any mismatch in the length of the teeth and the gum line can greatly alter the beauty of your smile. Minute adjustments can be done to attain the perfect smile, which can increase your confidence. Our services are tailored to give you all that you deserve; your smile is precious to us.

Gums can be reshaped without any pain and patients find it very comfortable, much to their surprise. Dental treatments and services are offered by us to ensure the long term dental health of our patients. Providing excellent quality treatments for those with ‘gummy smiles’ in a relaxed atmosphere is our aim. State of the art equipment and the most advanced dental procedures and techniques are used by us to transform ‘gummy smiles’ into attractive smiles. Our dentists and other professionals at our clinic are well known for their excellent qualifications and experience to offer gum lifts performed with tremendous dedication. We excel in cosmetic smile makeovers which can change an individual’s life.

Get back that attractive smile and have no worries about excessive gum tissue after paying us a visit. We are there to help you retain your gorgeous smile forever.

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