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Dental Fillings in Richmond

What is it?

There are a few different types of tooth-coloured filling materials which may be used the most common is made from a composite resin, or for a stronger option is made of porcelain. Tooth-coloured fillings can be chosen to match the colour of the teeth, making them a natural-looking alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings.

Why is it done?

Strengthens tooth, repairs holes in teeth and makes the tooth look natural. Because it's similar in colour and texture to natural teeth, the fillings are less noticeable, and much more attractive, than other types of fillings. Making you smile and talk with confidence.

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Smile your way through happiness with this new transformation!

Dental decay in the mouth can lead to bad breath and a disfigured smile which can be embarrassing. It not only affects the physical persona but also affects ones self-confidence and self-esteem.

Now you can fight the appearance of dental decay and retain the aesthetic beauty of your teeth and your smile by tooth coloured fillings, which are dental fillings that conceal the damaged portion of the tooth. Also the decolourisation to the teeth caused by infection of bacterial origin can be camouflaged by the filling, and can boost your self-confidence.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of adopting this modus operandi can be felt by regaining good oral conditions, and by regaining the original strength of the tooth. Also, tooth sensitivity can be reduced to minimal depending on the other physical health aspects of the person. The outer layers of the tooth which have been eroded by the acids in the mouth can be restructured and this can bring back the person’s beautiful smile again.

The dental restoration offered by Smile Studio helps to restore the framework and function of the decayed tooth. The physical discomfort felt by people due to dental decay can be permanently removed by the fillings which make the teeth strong and make them look natural. Good oral health which is lost due to dental decay can be regained by this type of dental filling provided by Smile Studio. With their advanced dental expertise and their excellent interaction with patients, a long lasting restoration is guaranteed.

Root-Canal Treatment in Richmond

What is it?

A Root-Canal Treatment removes the pulp of the tooth, including the nerve and blood supply from a decay or damaged tooth. A local anesthetic is used and it will feel the same as having an ordinary filling done. If it is left untreated the pulp becomes infected and may spread eventually leading to an abscess.

Why is it done?

Root-Canal Treatment eliminates pain from the decay or damaged tooth which may have resulted in an abscess or swollen pulp and is the stage before a crown is placed on top as a cover.

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Root filling a tooth is the last stage before losing a tooth.

If the acid softens the tooth enough, eventually the nerve deep within the tooth will become damaged/inflamed too. This can be very painful and is frequently a cause of patients going to the dentist. When this happens, a root filling may be necessary to try to save the tooth. Root filling a tooth is the last stage before losing a tooth. If the patient had attended earlier, a simple filling would more than likely have rectified the problem. The use of a laser cavity scanner can reduce the chance of having this type of treatment, with early decay detection.

What does a root filling involve?

A root filling involves removing the nerve from deep within the tooth using files. The empty root area is then disinfected and shaped before finally filling it, usually with a rubber material. The tooth usually needs to be crowned after this type of treatment, to give it support and strength.‍If too many bacteria remain in the root area, they can multiply and cause an infection (abscess).

It is therefore essential to keep bacteria out and to disinfect the root area as well as possible. Dentists usually do this by isolating the tooth with a sheet of rubber (rubber dam) whilst working on it, to prevent bacteria from the mouth entering the open root.


At the front of the mouth, the teeth usually have one main root. Further back in the mouth, the teeth tend to have more roots, molars sometimes having 4 or more.

The more roots a tooth has the more difficult the procedure. Other complicating factors are roots with curves, accessory lateral canals and calcified roots. The roots become calcified as a protective response to decay and/or trauma. Both curved and calcified roots make the tooth more difficult for the dentist to clean properly.

All these factors make root fillings lengthy procedures and even if they are done perfectly they can still fail. If they do fail, an abscess (collection of pus) will form at the end of the tooth. The tooth will then need to be retreated, extracted or have an apicectomy (removal of infection root portion only).

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