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Facial aesthetics in Richmond

If you want something different from your facial aesthetics you should look no further than your trusted dentist… look to the gentle hands of a practitioner who has been carefully handling the most delicate areas of your mouth for nearly 30 years.

Gentle skin smoothing treatments

The Richmond Dentist provides skin smoothening treatments

to help you feel and look your very best from the inside and out.

Frown Lines

Crow’s feet

Forehead lines

Eye brow lift


The Richmond Dentist is interior designed to feel like a spa. All team members are discreet and receive in-depth training so your choice of treatments will never be shared.

Skin smoothening treatment is a prescription medicine that is injected into the muscles and is used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe crow’s feet lines and frown lines between the eyebrows in adults.

If you have a small frown you want to turn upside down or crow’s feet that need to migrate all seasons, come and chat with Dr Gill to feel informed and ready to decide if treatment is for you.

Come and chat with Dr Gill and find out if facial aesthetics is for you.


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Dermal Fillers

Smooth lines and wrinkles, easing tired looking skin.

Restore volume, cheeks can be replenished.

Smooth bumps in your nose or increase the fullness of your lips.

Dermal fillers are a natural way of making skin appear firmer and restoring the volume that has been lost over time. They are made of hyaluronic acid which is product naturally occurring in our bodies. When we are younger our body has an abundance of ha keeping our skin plump and supported. Fillers are injected just below the skin by our trained professional and combat the signs of ageing.

We always strive to bring a natural look to all our clients. It’s about looking like you have had a week in the spa when you have been working 9-5.

Different brands can work better for specific results and one size doesn’t fit all. At the Richmond dentist, we only use the highest quality dermal fillers at our Richmond practice. If you desire a brand then don’t hesitate to discuss this with Dr Gill.

Dr Hap Gill

Dr Gill Happ

Founder & director of Smile Studio™ and The Richmond Dentist

“There is an art to any kind of cosmetic improvement and something that only the eyes of a professional develop over many years”

All you need to know about wrinkles

What caused wrinkles?

Ageing causing loss of elasticity, thin skin, facial expressions, and smoking.

How long does skin smoothening take?

Just 10-20 minutes, and you should see results with 2-3 days. Sometimes it can take about 10 days; therefore, dr gill reviews his patient after 2 weeks. The results lasts 3-4 months. The wrinkles do come back very slowly, when you can consult us again for more treatment. Over time, with repeated treatment, the results will last longer.

Do the results look fake?

You may have seen the movie “just go with it”, thankfully that is not real life! We are glad to say that the results look very natural because we only target the wrinkle muscles. This is not like having a face-lift.

What is a skin smoothening drug?

A fast and simple treatment where a protein relaxes the muscles. This will help reduce, or eliminate frown lines, forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet). The big advantage of this type of ant-wrinkle treatment is that is non-surgical, quick and has no downtime.

Is treatment painful?

Very fine needles are used, so, there is virtually no pain and no numbing is


Who is skin smoothening for?

Both men and women, and is not just for treating wrinkles. You can also have this for excessive sweating, neck lines and smoker’s lines.

What are the complications of Botox?

Botox has been around for over 15 years and has an excellent safety record. Rarely, you may get slight bruising in the area or a bit of reddening or swelling. This disappears very quickly.

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