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Guided Biofilm Technology

Do you want less cavities?

Do you want to prevent gum disease?

Do you have loose and painful teeth?

Do you want whiter teeth, naturally?

Good news, we can help.

GBT airflow unit

A true game changer

Forget what you know about “seeing the hygienist”, “having a clean/scale and polish”

Guided Biofilm Technology is a brand new technique for preventing dental problems. It is a true game changer because it targets oral organisms with precision. It is painless, because there is no high pitched scratching, and it uses a warm water jet/mix of specials powder to thoroughly clean teeth. What this means is less cavities and gum disease, and with a naturally whiter smile… you will be confident to smile.

Before GBT image

Step 1

Make the plaque visible and visualise it

GBT during image

Step 2

Warm and gentle jet wash of the teeth, targeting the highlighted areas

GBT after results

Step 3

Remove the chalky deposits(calculus/tartar) using the piezo technology

What this means is the healthiest and the naturally whitest that your teeth have ever been

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